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Winter Break

Rebecca Kitchell

On the first day of winter break, res life gave to me: a reminder to check your UNH email for updates on the room selection for fall 2014.  Hard to believe, but your first year is half way done!  It is time to start thinking about housing for your sophomore year.

On the second day of winter break, res life gave to me: programming updates and reminders on our web page and Charger Connections.  You can always know what is going on—and there is always something going on.

On the third day of winter break, res life gave to me: a nudge to think about applying to be a Resident Assistant.  The selection process for fall 2014 hires begins in January when you get back.  Keep your eyes peeled for info sessions, tabling and marketing to alert you to the timeline for selection.

On the fourth day of winter break, res life gave to me: a mailing to your home address to your parents and guardians to educate them on the room selection process for fall 2014.

On the fifth day of winter break, res life gave to me: a reminder to check your on-line account for damage billing, overdue parking tickets, tuition payments, etc.  You need to be in good financial standing with the Bursar’s Office before you can pay your housing deposit!

On the sixth day of winter break, res life gave to me: a reminder to be frugal with your dining dollars throughout the spring semester.  Remember when you ran out so early this semester and you were eating Ramen to get through finals? Let’s not have a repeat of that!  Hope you are prepared to return with a better spending plan in mind to stretch your dollars!

On the seventh day of winter break, res life gave to me: a reminder about the application processes for other leadership positions such as Academic Peer Mentor (process takes place between Feb-March) and Orientation Leader.

On the eighth day of winter break, res life gave to me: a tip to secure your roommates for the room selection process early.  Whether you are planning to live with the same roommates, or branch out with new roommates, it is important to be open and honest so no one is left feeling slighted in the middle of the room selection process!

On the ninth day of winter break, res life to me: an important piece of advice—your parents want to help—but it also important for you as an adult, that you gain more autonomy and self-sufficiency your second semester. 

On the tenth day of winter break, res life gave to me: a plug to think about a study abroad experience for your sophomore year—venture out!  Think about studying on the Prato campus for the fall!  What an amazing opportunity to see the world!

On the eleventh day of winter break, res life gave to me: the opportunity to pay it forward—give back to the in-coming new transfer students and students returning from Prato to make them feel welcome!  They are Chargers, so show them your Charger pride!

On the twelfth day of winter break res life gave to me: tidings of joy, wishes of joy and peace this holiday season and a hope for you and your family a wonderful new year!  See you in 2014!



Rebecca Kitchell
Associate Director of Residential Life for Residential Education

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  1. Housing Options

    On-Campus Housing for UNH StudentsImagine living on a magnificent 84-acre Campus and still being close to your neighbors!

    This is what you will experience by choosing to live on the University of New Haven campus. And you will not be the only one who feels right at home.

    For On-Campus Housing information, click here!


    Off-Campus Housing for UNH StudentsWhether you're a graduate or undergraduate student, faculty or staff we have options for you.

    Please note that due to a lack of on-campus housing resources, graduate students in particular are encouraged to utilize information on this site to plan for their housing arrangements.

    For Off-Campus Housing information, click here!\

  2. So You Got Tripled?!?

    You have probably received your housing assignments and have questions about being in a triple, below you will find various links to items about the benefits of being in a triple, room layouts, FAQ and programs specifically for Tripled Students!

      - Frequently Asked Triple Questions

      - 10 Reasons to LOVE Your Triple

      - Programs for Tripled Students!!

      - Tripled Room Setups

        If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 203-932-7076.

      • LLC's

        Living/Learning Communities at the University of New Haven provide first-year students in specific majors with outstanding, out-of-class co-curricular and residential experiences.

        The result is an academic-based peer group that affords participants with additional faculty interaction, collaboration with students within the major course of study, and a variety of activities that complement in-class assignments and pertinent topics. Students within the community are placed on a common floor with staff that has been specially selected to work with the residential learning community. Additionally, faculty work together with the residence hall staff to use the facility as a setting for co-curricular and social programming, based on the content of the community's major. Finally, participants in the residential learning communities participate in orientation activities that facilitate the transition to the college experience while allowing students to interact with faculty outside of the academic classroom.

        For Information on your specific Living Learning Community, please click here.

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