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Things To Do Around New Haven

Release Date:
2/19/2013 9:00 PM

New Haven is full of plenty of opportunities to have a great time. Whether you are looking for a place to grab a bite with some friends or looking for something more intellectually stimulating to do New Haven offers a wide variety of activities to participate in. Here are just a few:

  • Yale University Art Gallery: Free admission and open to the general public, go enjoy the oldest college art museum in America.
  • New Haven Harbor: If you love sight-seeing then New Haven Harbor is the place for you. It is a beautiful view overlooking the sound.
  • Pepe’s Pizza: This is a classic place to get food with your friends. If you enjoy good food and even a bit of history then this is definitely a place you should try.
  • New Haven Green: A great place to look at the sights that New Haven has to offer. The Green is full of history and art.

There is a lot to do in New Haven that doesn’t involve alcohol. So if you are looking to have a great time without being intoxicated, you won’t have to look very far. New Haven has such a unique history that there is bound to be something downtown that you will enjoy doing! Research your options and have some fun!