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Fire Prevention

Release Date:
10/17/2013 9:00 PM

Here at the University of New Haven the health and safety of our students is our number one concern. However we can’t be with every student every second of the day. It is important that you know how to stay safe on your own and prevent a fire because you never know when one can occur.

Here are some tips and statistic about fires on college campuses.

  • Don’t hide things during your health and safeties. These checks are meant to keep you safe and prevent things like fires from happening in your rooms.
  • Follow the student handbooks policies and procedures and don’t have prohibited items such as extension cords.
  • Use stairs to get out, not elevators.
  • When the alarm sounds, get out.  You never know when it’s real.
  • Always know 2 ways out, wherever you are.
  • 155 people have died in campus-related fire deaths since 2000. Don’t let this number continue to grow. Prevent a fire before it happens.

All of these tips and statistics aren’t here to scare you but instead to make you realize that these things do happen. Be proactive and reduce the risk of a fire in you residence hall!