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Important Links

Linen Program Information: For students who wish to purchase extra long linen, go to to place your order. Note that residence hall mattresses are 80” long.

Computer Connection Information: Please go to to learn more about connecting to the campus network and UNH discounts on Dell and Apple computer products.

Theft and Safety:  It is important for students to protect their personal property (stereos, cameras, computers, books, furniture) as the University is not responsible for the personal property of residents. This includes, but is not limited to, items in rooms, in storage, being delivered on the student’s behalf, in route or under any circumstances. It is strongly recommended that students have personal property insurance as the University does not provide insurance coverage for these items.

There are several options for obtaining personal property insurance which you should confirm by contacting your family’s insurance agent. A parent’s homeowners or tenant insurance may provide coverage; check the language of the policy to see if you need to add a rider. As a suggestion, please refer to National Student Services, Inc (NSSI) regarding coverage for students living on-campus and for those renting apartments off campus (1-800-256-NSSI). They can also be reached on-line ( Students should keep a complete inventory of their personal property and serial numbers as a way to prove ownership in the event they need to file a claim with an insurance company.