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Meet Our Resident Assistants

The Office of Residential Life employs undergraduate students who serve as student leaders in the residence halls. Resident Assistants work with residents to create a healthy living and learning environment through educational programming, policy enforcement, and social interactions. Currently, there are 58 Resident Assistants employed by the Office of Residential Life. Five of these positions are Senior Resident Assistants, who serve as staff mentors.

The Resident Assistant position requires great organizational and interpersonal skills, leadership, strong ethics, accountability and creativity.  As a Resident Assistant, you are part of a tremendous staff dedicated to the residential students of the UNH community. 


Check below to see the Resident Assistants in your building!


Bethel Hall

Chelsea Freischlag
Joe Brown
Spencer Poulin
Jessica Meisinger-Macdonald
Adam Medford
Amber Crow

Bixler Hall

Dean Velodota- Senior Resident Assistant
Britta Johnson
Amanda Sigan
Emily Knapp
Glory-Jean Smith
Tara Franklin
Walter Gordillo
Hayden Dorfaman

Botwinik Hall

Francisco Alvarez- Senior Resident Assistant
Kassondra Bertulis
Melanie Eyre
Mark Bonds
Christina Deluca
Marla Kratzer
Ronald Pierce

Campbell House

Amanda Spiewak

Dunham Hall

Brittany Wienclaw
Connor Faticoni

Ruden St. Apartments

 Ainseanlea Campbell

Forest Hills

Alyssa Abraham- Senior Resident Assistant
Delanie Sears
Chasity Alekseyev
Dillon Goral

Bergami Hall

Stefanie Herbach- Senior Resident Assistant
Kelly Zhao
Danielle Perry
Reece Buendia
Brandon Reyes
Alexandra Krinickas


Jasmine Rogers
Caleb Johnson

Savin Court

Miranda Garcia
Jake Bakera

Main St.

Crystal Blake

Sheffield Hall

Amanda Gomes
Kristin Digiovanna
Cameron Putney
Michelle Marks

Soundview Hall

Melissa Mellen- Senior Resident Assistant
Josh Howard
Kristopher Guzman
Sammantha Hessler
Daniel Brophy
Walter Bohn
Amina Kunovac
Jessica Jarkowsky
Kaitlyn Valentino
Katty Morales

Winchester Hall

Daniah Miller
Victoria Gregory
Nick Forzono
Dale Eriksen
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