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Student Hired by Nestle

Release Date:
3/29/2012 12:00 PM

Congratulations to Ms. Kaivona Parker, class of ’12!

Student Gets Job at Nestle

Kaivona is the new District Sales Leader Designate within Nestle’s Direct Store Delivery; she begins her new job June, 2012. 

Kaivona heard about the Nestle opportunity via the CDC’s Weekly Jobs of Note.  She applied and stayed in touch with Ms. Arleen Anderson, Director of Employer Relations and Internships, as she proceeded through the process: first a phone screen, then a day in the field.  

Nestle flew Kaivona to the final interview rounds in Chicago over Spring break.  She was the only applicant from the North East Region and was the only one in the candidate pool who did not hear about the employment opportunity from a Nestle on-campus recruiter.  Moreover, in light of Kaivona’s success, the campus recruiter announced that Nestle now plans to recruit at UNH.