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Catherine Ortegon's Exciting Internship

Release Date:
8/9/2012 9:00 AM
Catherine Ortegon

UNH Senior, Catherine Ortegon explains that she knew she would have a future career working with Immigration Customs Enforcement, (ICE). Her family is from Colombia and she speaks Spanish fluently and felt that by pursuing this field, she would beable to use her abilities to speak, read and write Spanish.

Unsure of which department to ultimately pursue, Catherine decided to explore the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). She reports that after spending many hours on their website, she was unable to find detailed internship application information. Rather than giving up, she perservered. The Career Development Center applauds her next move—Catherine took note of every possible phone number and email address under the DHS tab. She made phone calls and left messages on answering machines . She sent out letters with her resume attached informing them of how interested she was. It took three months, but Catherine was called for an interview.

After passing the drug screening and security clearance tests, she began a four-month, part-time internship which recently ended in March. Catherine reports that she loved her experience and that representatives with the DHS were very welcoming. Her duties included listening to all incoming and outgoing phone calls and checking the mail correspondance of incarcerated criminals who spoke Spanish. She was tasked with translating their conversations into English, in hopes of finding key information that might incriminate them in court.

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(Story & photos submitted by Catherine Ortegon, UNH senior)