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Two Mechanical Engineering Students Make UNH Proud

Release Date:
3/11/2013 9:00 AM

Jeff Young – A Mechanical Engineering senior began participating in undergrad research as a Junior on a project to model flow past parachutes used to decelerate space vehicles (such as the ones used to land Curiosity on Mars). This past November he got to attend and present at a national conference (American Physical Society - Division of Fluid Dynamics) all the way in San Diego. It was also his first time flying! Jeff's summer work was funded by a grant from the CT Space Consortium (NASA).



Apolonio Montejano -- Also a Mechanical Engineering students and a full time Navy man! He worked on a project to define trajectories of space vehicles and items ejected from space vehicles. He received a scholarship also from the CT Space Consortium (NASA) to participate in undergrad research during Spring 2012. Over the summer he then continued working on an independent study to further develop expertise in the topic. He has chosen to continue on to graduate school and is enrolled in our 4+1 program (i.e. Master's in ME.)


Story submitted by Maria-Isabel Carnasciali, Assistant Professor, Mechanical/Civil & Environmental Engineering.  Photos submitted courtesy of Jeff Young and Apolonio Montejano.