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Leadership Opportunities

LEAD (Leadership Education Achievement & Development) is a three-tiered undergraduate program focused on student leadership development at UNH.  LEAD fosters student development, leadership skills, and essential career building skills.  LEAD has been a part of the UNH Office of Student Activities since 2002.   

The three leadership tiers include:

Emerging Leaders: These leaders are first year students who have been nominated by the UNH faculty and staff because they show potential to become campus leaders.  The goal of this tier is to enlighten students of different opportunities available to them at the university and to give them a foundation of skills to encourage personal development and future campus involvement.

Evolving Leaders: This tier is for sophomore and juniors who have completed the Emerging Leaders tier and want to continue to learn valuable leadership skills.  Evolving Leaders are provided with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve the management of their organizations, as well as add to personal growth and aid in mentoring.

Enriched Leaders:  In their final year of college these student leaders are provided with a platform for exiting their roles at the University of New Haven and applying their leadership skills to careers in the workforce and academia.  

Since 2002, LEAD has hosted many workshops and programs throughout the year, providing hands-on experiences for the members of the tiers.  Below are just a few of the past topics discussed and presented to each of the three tiers.  UNH Faculty and Staff as well as off-campus community leaders are invited to conduct these workshops and provide the LEAD students with a foundation for leadership at the university and throughout life.   

Past Workshop Topics:


  •       Effective Habits of a Leader
  •       Setting the Example
  •       Professionalism 101
  •       Leadership Styles
  •       Communication


  •       Leadership & Ethics
  •       Leadership is an Art
  •       FISH
  •       Finding Keys to Motivation
  •       Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills
  •       Public Speaking


  •       Plan Your Job Search
  •       Exiting Your Leadership Position
  •       Leadership in the Community
  •       Leadership in the Workplace
  •       Networking
For more information on LEAD, please contact the Office of Student Activities,