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Nov. 11, 2013- Early darkness and general safety

As we change from Daylight Savings Time to Eastern Standard Time and enter the holiday season, many cities in the northeast see an increase in convenience store robberies and street robberies as criminals take advantage of the early darkness. The greater New Haven/West Haven area is not immune from this activity. As such, for your personal protection and awareness we recommend the following when traveling on foot around the campus and off campus: 

* Be aware of your surroundings at all times, do not appear distracted by wearing headphones, ear buds or texting/talking on your cell phone 
* Whenever possible walk in a group 
* Use lighted, well-marked and traveled pathways 
* Use campus transportation services 
* Download the EmergenSee U phone app on your device 
* Know the location of the nearest blue phone 
* Do not carry or display large amounts of cash or jewelry 
* Report suspicious activity right away, do not hesitate to call police 
* If you see something, say something 

We also recommend you review the online Stay Safe on Campus 360 program available through the Inside UNH student portal.