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Nov. 13, 2013- Downtown New Haven Night clubs

So far this year the New Haven Police Department has determined that more than half the homicides in that City have occurred in, near or as a result of an incident at a Night Club. We understand that these clubs are popular with our students and want you to be safe. We recommend the following: 

  • Go to clubs that you are familiar with and are primarily geared towards college students
  • Avoid clubs outside the college district
  • Watch the doorman/security personnel and make sure they are carefully screening patrons prior to entry
  • If you see tension or arguing beginning between people either inside the club or outside on the streets leave the area
  • If you notice a change in patrons at a club from college students to others be wary and consider going somewhere else
  • Many clubs throughout Connecticut are experiencing problems when large groups from different cities show up and can’t get along with each other
  • If you notice groups of patrons wearing similar clothing/colors that is not recognizable as local college gear, acknowledging each other with the same handshake or hand sign greeting or yelling certain phrases leave immediately
  • At the end of the night leave the area with your group of friends and go directly to your transportation home (shuttle stop, cab, vehicle etc.)
  • TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!  If you sense something is wrong you are probably correct

Additional on and off campus safety information can be found on our online Stay Safe on Campus 360 program available through the Inside UNH student portal