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What to Do in Case of a Gas Leak

Initial Assessment

  • Contact Campus Police (203) 932-7070 from a location outside of the gas leak area and provide as much detail as possible.
    • Your location, the location of the odor, and the identification of the source (if known).
  • Clear the area immediately.
  • Notify Campus Police of anyone with special assistance or mobility needs.

Evacuation of Building or Area

  • Do not use the elevators.
  • Notify others to leave other areas adjacent to the location.
  • Report to the building’s muster point and await further instructions from Campus Police, the Fire Department, or the Fire Wardens.
  • Do not smoke or use a cigarette lighter anywhere near the area of the gas leak.
  • Follow instructions from Campus Police and the Fire Department through the duration of the incident.
  1. Emergency Contact

    For Police, Fire or Medical Emergencies, dial 911 or the UNH Police Emergency number at 203-932-7070.

    When in doubt, in any emergency please call immediately.

    On campus, you can also use the emergency call boxes or red emergency phones in academic buildings.