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The University of New Haven campus is a safe environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. However, it's always good to know that help is available if a potentially unsafe situation happens to occur.

EmergenSeeU provides safety features to everyone at UNH via a smart phone or tablet. Just download the app on iTunes or Google Play and stay tuned into your campus.

In addition to live video, audio, and GPS location information,  EmergenSeeU features real-time text communication with public safety,  instant alerts sent to your contacts, and other features including: 

  • A “Virtual Escort” that keeps you safe as you walk across campus
  • The ability to stay safe while visiting friends on other participating campuses and on University trips abroad
  • The option to include profile information, including medical  conditions, address, course schedule, and picture
  • Mass broadcast alerts to prevent you from walking into harms way
  • The capability to send you information on class cancellations and  other non-emergency school information
  • Usable in remote locations and on the outskirts of campus Remember, when you’re on campus, safety should always be your first  priority—aside from grades, of course. 
  1. Get EmergenSeeU

    Download the app from iTunes or Google Play.