First Year Housing

The University of New Haven's residence halls enhance your educational experience by providing all the comforts and convenience you need to succeed.

Our team of residential life professionals and student staff members are devoted to creating a positive and enjoyable environmentwhere you will develop personally socially.

To learn more about our residence halls, please see below.


Botwinik Hall

Botwinik Hall is a large suite-style residence hall for first year students with 2 bedrooms joined together by a common living area and bathroom. Each suite houses 6 students.


Bergami Hall

Bergami Hall is a suite-style residence hall for first-year students, offering numerous modern amenities. Bergami Hall dining features World of Wings and the Sandellas located on the first floor.


Bethel Hall

Bethel Hall is a large suite-style residence hall for first-year students with a large central common lounge for residents to use at their leisure. It has the largest square footage of all first-year suites.


Bixler Hall

Bixler Hall features four resident floors with eight co-ed wings. Each floor has a common lounge with tables, chairs and a TV. It's located near the Health Services Office and the campus convenience store (C-Store).


Westside Hall

Located in the southwest corner of the University of New Haven’s main campus near Celentano Hall (formerly Soundview) and Kayo Field our new 90,000 square-foot residence hall, opening in the fall of 2014, promises to create a dynamic hub of activity on campus.


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