Entrepreneurial Engineering Living Learning Community


The E2-LLC offers a variety of enriching activities, including monthly discussion dinners, 24 Hour Imagination Quests, and weekly meetings with the E2-LLC student coordinator. The E2-LLC provides its’ members the opportunity to pursue feasible projects outside of their academic work. The E2- LLC also provides its members the chance to participate in a threshold level of activities over their four years in order to earn a certificate. The Entrepreneurial Thinkers Certificate will give students an edge in today's competitive job marketplace. E2- LLC does not require separate housing or fees, but it does require membership in the Engineering LLC. Think of it as a supplement to the Engineering LLC.

University of New Haven is proudly a member of KEEN, a collaboration of universities that strive to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering and technology students. KEEN’s mission is to graduate engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset so they can create personal, economic, and societal value through a lifetime of meaningful work. Graduates of KEEN schools will be prepared to identify new technology-based business opportunities in their engineering disciplines. This network of colleges creates synergy between member institutions that takes advantage of the network’s collective faculty in a manner that transcends an individual university’s status. 


LLC Advisor

Jean Nocito-Gobel

College: Tagliatela College of Engineering
Dept: Mechanical, Civil, Environmental Engineering

Student Coordinator

The Student Coordinator of the E2-LLC is selected at the beginning of each academic year. He or she is expected to maintain effective communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills and hold several responsibilities.  These responsibilities include:

Mentoring current students

Working in collaboration with E2-LLC faculty

Keeping up with frequent updates from the KEEN organization 

Explaining to current and prospective students the KEEN initiative

Planning monthly discussion dinners

Preparing engineering challenges

Organizing the logistics of the 24 Hour Imagination Quest 


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Read more about the Engineering LLC opportunities in our brochure.

What Does an LLC Advisor Do?

The LLC Advisor serves as a mentor to the residents. The advisor works closely with the Resident Assistant to plan events and trips centered around the theme of the LLC. Advisors hold office hours inside the residence hall so they can work closely with their students.