Damage Billing FAQs for Parents

Q: What is Damage Billing?

A: At the end of each semester, The Office of Residential Life staff members complete thorough inspections of rooms, suites and apartments.  The University covers the cost of repairs needed due to everyday wear-and-tear, but any intentional or excessive damages are billed directly to students.  Individual damages are billed to those students who are found responsible for the damages.  Community damages such as trash in stairwells or broken common room lounge furniture are divided equally amongst all community members if no one member of the community can be directly held responsible.


Q: How do you know the damage did not occur prior to my child’s arrival?

A:  Before any students move in, thorough inspections take place.  During these inspections, a Room Condition Report is completed by a Residential Life staff member.  Following move-in, residents inspect the rooms and the Room Condition Reports.  Any necessary changes are made, and then the student signs off on the condition of the room, apartment, or suite.  If a mid-semester move is made, students “sign out” on the Room Condition Report of their old room, and sign in to their new room, after agreeing with the status of the report.  We encourage students to thoroughly read and review the Room condition Report with their RA and roommates.  This is a certified document the student is signing so a valuable life lesson can be learned!


Q: What if only one person in the apartment/suite/room is responsible for the damage?

A: If one person in the apartment/suite/room caused damage and assumes responsibility for it, the other roommates are not charged. The student responsible for the damage must   sign a Damage Responsibility Form with their RD or RA agreeing to take full responsibility for the damage and to pay all necessary fees individually.  Beyond this, all residents sign a Damage Billing Agreement form, which states that the undersigned understand that they are responsible for any necessary fees, and that the Residential Life staff will not involve itself in any disputes between roommates regarding damage charges.  Again, a valuable life lesson to reinforce is open lines of communication between roommates and the value of personal responsibility in a community.


Q: Who sets the prices?

A: The prices for damages are based on the fees paid to the Facilities Department to repair the damages.  In Forest Hills or Regency, the prices are set by Fountainhead Property Management.  Prices are non-refutable.


Q: What if I want to dispute my charge?

A: Students can dispute charges by calling the Office of Residential Life during the Damage Billing Review period.  The Resident Director who filed the charge will discuss it with the student directly.  After the review period is over, charges cannot be disputed.

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