Summer Housing at the University of New Haven

Does your son or daughter have a job on campus at the University of New Haven this summer?  Is your son or daughter trying to catch up or get ahead on credits by taking a few courses during the summer session?  If so, he or she will need a place to live. 

The Office or Residential Life offers summer housing for students working on campus, taking classes, or participating in other approved programs.  Summer students are placed in the Forest Hills Apartment complex. The apartments are fully furnished, with full kitchens, 1 - 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, and air conditioners.  Students may request roommates, or may be assigned to one by the office.  The apartments are within walking distance of campus, grocery shopping, and CT Transit bus stops.  The complex also contains a pool and picnic area.

Summer housing is available at the cost of $240 per week, with a 50% discount to students who are employed on-campus.  Campus policies are in effect at all times, and a Residential Life staff will be living in the complex to ensure that health and safety standards are met, as well as to assist students with any concerns they might have during their stay.

Applications are currently available in our office, which is located in Bixler Hall.  Students applying for summer housing should also turn in a copy of their work or class schedule for the summer months.

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