The SOAR Family Orientation is a two-day program for guardians of incoming first year students which:

  • Familiarizes family members with the campus, programs and services available for students;
  • Provides information and addresses concerns through faculty and staff presentations, interactive discussions, and information sessions;
  • Provides opportunities to meet the faculty and administrators who will be interacting with your student on a day-to-day basis;
  • Gives you a chance to have fun and meet other parents and guardians in a relaxed atmosphere.

Please note: Although the student and family orientation programs take place on the same dates, they are separate. Lodging is NOT provided for families attending the family orientation. A list of hotels located near campus can be access by clicking here.

When students register for SOAR, they have the option to register up to two adults who will be attending the Family Orientation.

Family Testimonials

Kathy Gadomski

"Knowing that my child chose the University of New Haven made me so happy! As soon as I stepped on the campus I felt like I was part of the family."

Cherie Birch Strand

"One of my highlights was having my daughter tell me that she was so happy with her decision to go to the University of New Haven. We drove out from Oregon 2 years earlier to check the college out. We also checked out a couple other Universities on the East Coast while we were there. We then checked out a few Universities in California. We determined that UNH had the program for her. Then we came to SOAR and I knew that it was the right fit but for my child to realize that it was right was a relief to me. She was going to be across the country from us and since we had driven out, she knew how far it would be from home. When we left SOAR and got in the car, she was excited to tell me all the things she had learned and about the people she had met. She is still in contact with the friends that she made during SOAR. SOAR is a wonderful experience for the whole family to learn about the school but also the first step in letting go. Realizing our children are now adults and opening up our fingers and letting them fly. My daughter has grown and changed so much since she has been at the University. I also appreciated the information that I received on the surrounding area. We took 2 extra days learning about Connecticut and exploring. Thank you all for making the transition from high school student to college student so much easier."

Shirley Steward-Sack

"Best event I have been too. Very informative and everyone made you feel comfortable knowing you will be leaving your child in their hands."

Sandra Collins

"It truly was a great experience, very informative. The comic was hilarious. When talking to other parents with kids in other colleges and their orientation experience, I have to say the University of New Haven blew them away."

Tina Pray

"SOAR was a wonderful experience for all of us. Very informative and well organized. We came away feeling comfortable that our daughter made the right decision in choosing the University of New Haven."

Yvonne DeAngeli-Fontanez

"The best part of SOAR was seeing how comfortable it made my son in his decision. We left there knowing he had made a good choice for the next four years."

Family Orientation Brochure

Family Orientation Brochure