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Nasya Hubbard '17

Recipient: Geraldine Hughes Brekke and Gail L. photo of UNH student Nasya Hubbard Brekke Endowed Scholarship




Nasya is working with Yevgeniya Rivers, director of UNH’s Math Zone, on a research project that examines Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The goal is to see if using math can help improve cognitive skills or memory. “This opportunity will provide me with a glimpse of what my future career could entail,” she said. “I could not have chosen a better environment to do my studies.”

Hope For the Future

Nasya plans to attend medical school after graduation. “I aspire to work in the field of research and treatment,” she said. “This would allow me to help humanity on a global scale.”

Why She is Grateful

“Scholarship support has helped me in so many ways,” she said.“When I don’t have to worry about financial issues, I can focus solely on my schoolwork. I am more than happy to tell donors that they provided my family and me with a peace of mind when it comes to paying for college. It is a great feeling to know that I am closer to my goal with each passing day. Nothing can replace that feeling.”