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Elizabeth “Betsey” Doane ’88 M.S.

A math professor who taught at Housatonic Community College for 30-plus years and now teaches there part time, Betsey Doane earned her master’s degree in computer sciences from UNH in 1988. She has been a consistent supporter of the University. 

What Motivates?

Born blind, Betsey has never allowed that to stand in her way. Having earned a B.A. degree from Albertus Magnus College and an M.A. in mathematics from UMass Amherst, she was well into her teaching career when she became increasingly interested in computers as teaching tools. “I was so intrigued by how computers could be used to teach theory in calculus that I developed a course called ‘Mathematical Application for Computers’ while I was still completing my graduate degree,” she says.

Now retired, she continues to teach part time and primarily online. “I really enjoy working with students and love to play with new software and discover new ways to use computer technology to make education better,” she says. 

Why She Gives:

“I had a lot of fun when I was completing my computer sciences degree,” says Betsey, whose late husband, Paul, was also a UNH graduate. Over the years she steadily built upon that educational foundation, constantly adopting and adapting new computer tools and software to enhance the classes she taught.

 “I really believe in the quality of education at UNH,” she says. “I like the creative work UNH is doing, and I’m proud to support it.”