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Rich Steeves '77, '80 MBA
Rich Steeves '77, '80 MBA
 “I was brought up to give back. I believe that, ‘To those whom much is given, much is expected.’ My UNH education gave me the opportunity to have a satisfying career that allowed me to gather some assets. I want others to have the same opportunity for a good education, so I am leaving a portion of those assets to the University.”

“I made a will because I wanted to make sure that after I die my assets will be divided among family members and charitable organizations the way that I want, and that they will be put to the best possible use. I don’t want the distribution of my assets to be decided by a third party; I want to make my own choices.

One of my priorities is the University. And I invite you to consider your legacy at the University New Haven.”

Rich Steeves ’77, ’80 MBA
Retired Chairman, Connecticut Energy Conservation Board
Connecticut Office of Consumer Council 

For information on legacy gift opportunities, visit or contact Bob Congdon, director of development, at 203-479-4295 or