Vision Statement

The ISJ is committed to improving the University of New Haven campus and surrounding community through research, teaching, service, programming, connections, and policy. 

These tasks will develop and promote an inclusive campus environment that raises the collective conscience through discourse, real world experience, hands on activities and community building.

Campus Connections
  • The ISJ will provide connectivity and organization for student and community groups who share overlapping or parallel goals.
  • It is our intent to develop partnerships to provide interested students with the ability to pursue and receive advocacy, support, and referrals when affected by social injustice.
  • The ISJ plans to review existing policy, revise policy if necessary, and serve as a consultant when developing new policies.
  • ISJ will also be active in policy development and enforcement regarding the treatment of student victims of social injustice.
  • Additionally, the ISJ will provide leadership on making change to enhance the campus environment for all identity/campus groups.
  • The ISJ will encourage a positive, progressive, and supportive campus environment through scholarly research opportunities, community outreach, and programming that celebrates the campus’s diversity.
  • The ISJ will develop various faculty workshops that focus on social justice themes.
  • The ISJ will host a career fair for area not-for-profit and state agencies interested in hiring students committed to social justice orientated careers.
  • The ISJ will conduct original research, review existing research, and present this research at professional conferences.  The ISJ will seek to provide research opportunities for University of New Haven faculty and students to develop projects serving the community.  In due course, faculty and staff will have additional opportunities to creatively partner with students and community members on scholarly work in a mutually beneficial way.
  • Anticipated research project topics will include victimization and offending issues for women, ethnic/racial minorities, LGBTQI persons, immigrants, the elderly, the disabled and other marginalized groups.
  • ISJ will seek to engage faculty, staff, and students in volunteer activism, social action, and community service initiatives within the campus and surrounding community.  These efforts will help to build on the process of improving cultural awareness, campus climate, roles in the community, and individual social responsibility.
  • The ISJ will encourage courses to examine issues such as political power, ethnic equity, diverse sexualities, and immigration. ISJ will incorporate different student service and social actions through tutoring, educating, and/or organizing curricular offerings incorporating social justice issues brought forth by the campus, the community, and society.