Courses Offered at the Tuscany Campus:
Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

The Tuscany Campus is administered entirely by the University of New Haven. Students can choose their courses from the Tuscany Campus curriculum, including one mandatory Italian language course, and are required to maintain full time status. To help more students take the opportunity to study abroad, in Fall 2022 students can choose up to two online courses. This is intended to help students blend their major requirements with the core courses available in Italy.

Courses Typically Offered Every Term
Course Number Course Title Core Competency Lab Fees
ARTS 2233 Arts & Science Renaissance Italy CC 9 Tier 1 $100
BIOL 1121/1123 Intro to General and Human Biology CC4 Tier 1  
COMM 1130 Principles of Communication CC 2 Tier 1  
COMM 4451 Special Topics: Italian Cinema Elective  
CJST 3327 The Mafia: Evolution of a Criminal Enterprise Elective $1100
DIET 1175 Food, Nutrition, and Culture CC 8 tier 1  
ECON 1133 Introduction to Macroeconomics CC 7 Tier 2  
ECON 1134 Introduction to Microeconomics CC 5 Tier 2  
ENGL 1112* Seminar in Academic Inquiry CC 1 Tier 1  
HIST 1102 Modern Societies and Civilizations: Being Human in Modern Times CC 6 Tier 1  
HLTH 1141 Pandemics and Public Health CC 5 Tier 1  
HLTH 2230 Bioethics CC 5 Tier 2  
HTMG 3307 Cultural Understanding of Food & Cuisine CC 8 Tier 1 $250
ITAL 1101 or higher** Italian Language CC 8 Tier 1 or Tier 2  
ITAL 2222 Italian Culture: Literature & Media CC 8 Tier 2  
ITAL 2250 Contemporary Italian Life & Culture CC 8 Tier 1 or CC 8 Tier 2  
MATH 1108* College Math CC 3 Tier 1 $115
MATH 1110* College Algebra CC3 Tier 1 $115
MATH 1115* Pre-Calculus CC 3 Tier 1 $115
MUSC 1112 Introduction to World Music CC 8 Tier 1, or CC 9 Tier 1  
PHIL 2210 Logic CC 5 Tier 2  
SOCI 1113 Sociology CC 7 Tier 1  
For Spring 2022, up to two online courses are allowed.

Program-Specific Courses - Fall 2022 Only
Course Number Course Title Professor
INTD 4400 Portfolio Design and Production (Art & Design majors only) (hybrid) J. Slenker
INTD 4450 Design Innovation in Italy (open to all students) ($525 lab fee) J. Slenker
INTD 4451 Special Topic: Design Studio in Italy (Art & Design majors only)  
NSEC 4400* (MT2, hybrid) Intelligence Analysis C. Morgan
NSEC 4433 (MT 1) World of Spies and Espionage C. Morgan
NSEC 4451 (MT 1) Issues in Detecting Deception C. Morgan

*Indicates a pre-requisite
**Italian language is a required course
Please note lab fees are subject to change.

Program-Specific Courses - Spring 2023 Only
Course Number Course Title Professor
CJST 1102 Criminal Law Daniel Maxwell
CJST 2201 Principles of Investigations Daniel Maxwell
CJST 4400 Criminal Justice Capstone Seminar Daniel Maxwell
PSYC 2225 Multicultural Psychology Rachel Torello
PSYC 2336 Abnormal Psychology Rachel Torello
PSYC 3370 Theories of Personalities Rachel Torello

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