Spring 2021 Reopening Resources for Faculty & Staff

This page will contain resources for Faculty & Staff at the University of New Haven related to the reopening of campus. We strongly encourage you to continue to check this page often. More resources will be added here as they are developed.

Please note that decisions we have made are based on the comprehensive work of our COVID Task Forces and consistent with guidance provided to universities by the state of Connecticut Department of Public Health and in accordance with local, state, and federal health and safety guidance. As such, all information on this page is subject to change.


Phased Return to Campus Schedule - Spring 2021

We will begin to resume campus activities in a phased approach. As we begin to return to campus, we must be ready to provide as safe an environment as is possible for our community members as we move through the phases of re-engagement.

Click on an image below to read more about each phase of reopening.

Spring 2021 Phase 1 Starts November 30

Select labs and research continue operations on campus and in field

Spring 2021 Phase 2 Starts January 4

Limited on-campus operations; some faculty and staff begin to return to campus

Spring 2021 Phase 3 Starts January 15

Plan for students to begin to return to campus for Spring 2021 semester

Flexible & Remote Work: The New Normal

The goal of the University is to maintain a healthy work environment for its students and employees, to continue to meet the needs of its students, and to comply with all Connecticut and local requirements. During the uncertainty created by COVID-19, it has become necessary for the University to:

  • Limit the number of employees on campus to those who have student facing responsibilities which cannot be fulfilled from home
  • Reconsider and expand its work from home policy; including allowing non-exempt employees to work from home during this pandemic period
  • Implement staggered shifts in the interest of reducing the number of employees in any specific workspace for a prolonged period
  • Allow departmental leaders to temporarily revise an employee’s hours outside of the normal core business hours when working from home due to childcare or elder care challenges during the customary workday.

This policy/procedure is subject to change as the COVID-19 situation evolves.


Requiring Return to Campus and Ongoing COVID-19 Viral Testing

All residential students, commuter students, and University employees who will be returning to campus will be required to obtain a negative result on a molecular SARS-COV2 RT-PCR test within 5 business days of their return to campus.

Click here to view the most-updated and complete testing guidelines, including acceptable testing dates based on your return to campus date.


Return to Campus Daily Operations
  • Most non-student facing employees should expect to continue working from home or another remote location of your choosing. Employees should discuss the expectations of their role and where they will continue to fulfill the obligations of that role with their supervisor.
  • In instances where employees in student-facing areas may have health conditions or other circumstances that make returning to campus challenging, they should review the process for requesting a reasonable work accommodation that is available on myCharger.
  • Conduct daily symptom checking before coming to campus using the CoVerified app.
  • High traffic areas will have mobile temperature taking stations.
  • Expect changes to traffic flow. One way traffic, reduced elevator usage and signage to promote distancing will be used.
  • Plan for reconfigured office spaces and schedules. Find ways to promote appropriate physical distancing that will still allow for essential on-campus work to take place.
  • Meals on campus will change. Employees should plan on eating at their work stations or in physically distant small groups. Individuals should not congregate together for meal preparation.
  • Comply with the Essential Public Health Measures.
  • Maintain a Daily Employee Log (PDF) for daily check-in activities. The Daily Employee Log should include completion of daily wellness checks.
  • Post COVID-19 Signage on doors and entrance areas.


Essential Public Health Measures
  • Face Covering Policy: All university employees and students must wear a face covering when on the campus grounds and in all public spaces, except residence hall rooms. All on-campus individuals must wear masks that are at least 2-ply fabric and tight fitting across the nose and mouth. No gaiters, bandanas or loose coverings will be allowed. Coverings must not contain offensive language.
  • Physical Distancing Policy: (Updated March 30, 2021) All university employees and students must abide by physical distancing requirements of 6 feet or more between individuals (indoors) and 3 feet or more between individuals (outdoors).
  • Personal Sanitizing: Soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes will be provided in all active campus buildings. Wash hands at least once an hour or utilize the hand sanitizing stations that are available throughout campus.
  • Sufficient PPE for Faculty, Students, and Staff
  • Staggered Work Shifts Policy
  • In-Person Meeting Policy: All meetings and trainings will be held virtually if at all possible. Fewest number of colleagues possible and no more than 5 colleagues should be present in any meeting. Masks and physical distancing of at least six feet are required for all meetings.


Campus Health & Safety Overview


Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Daily Health Checking: All individuals working on campus who are in the proximity of others will be asked to adhere to a daily wellness check at the start of their shift or arrival on campus.
  • Illness Policy: Individuals should not report to work on campus or visit campus if they are potentially contagious for any reason.
  • Contact Tracing: All university employees and students agree to undergo contact tracing if they or their contacts receive a positive COVID-19 test. The University has identified a team of contract tracers on our campus.
  • Cleaning Policy: All high-touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected routinely in accordance with guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


COVID-19 Overview