Support for Students in Isolation or Quarantine

Health Services

Health Services is located on the ground floor in the southeast corner of Sheffield Hall. Call (203) 932-7079 or email

Mon.-Fri.: 8:30 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Sat.: 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.

24-hr On-call Service: (203) 932-7079

For additional resources on managing health and stress during the pandemic:

Coping with Stress (CDC)
Treating Covid-19 At Home (Mayo Clinic)


Every Thursday ChargerREC will be hosting a connected wellness session and recreation session for our isolated students. Wellness sessions will feature stretching, and breathing exercises. Recreation sessions will feature games and other social activities to connect you with other students. Additionally ChargerREC provides a self-directed breathing and low impact workout plan for students in isolation.

As always students may take advantage of our full offering of online, virtual, and connected recreation programs. Please visit their MyCharger page for this week’s programs and descriptions as well as our full slate of programming for all students.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

We are committed to providing all students in isolation with ongoing confidential counseling services. Isolation or quarantine status will in no way hinder a student’s ability to access counseling services. All communication and therapy will remain securely confidential between the client and the treatment team, and CAPS will not speak to any outside parties without consent from the client. This includes other university members, family members, or other students. There are some exceptions to our ability to maintain strict confidentiality, and these include maintaining students’ safety (primarily related to suicidal and homicidal ideation) and mandated reporting requirements as they relate to child, elder, and disabled adult abuse.

CAPS services are now offered fully remotely for all regularly scheduled appointments, as we utilize a HIPAA compliant version of Zoom. Please call our main number at (203) 932-7333 to schedule an appointment. We can be reached in times of crisis, including after hours, at the same number.

Additionally, we have virtual support groups offered daily at 3:30pm. These include a Men’s group, Women’s group, Gender Nonconforming group, iConnect, and a General group. Visit the CAPS webpage for more detailed information, or follow us on Instagram for updated information @unewhavencaps.

Ways to maintain self-care during this unprecedented time:

  1. Eat regularly. It may sound simple, but getting enough nutrition gives us the energy we need to get through the days, think clearly and quickly, and sleep better at night.
  2. Keep moving. Even in isolation it is important to stand up, move around, and stretch. Also check out the Rec Center offerings tailored to gentle movement.
  3. Prioritize sleep. Hold your sleep time sacred as an important part of your self-care. Your sleep is a critical part of restoring your mind and body, and recharging for the next day.
  4. Practice pausing. Whether using mindfulness or taking deep breaths, taking a moment to pause can help center you back to the present moment when stress and anxiety are high.
    • Consider mindfulness meditation apps like Calm or Headspace to help you release tension and center yourself on the now.
    • Try paced breathing exercises (e.g., 4-square breathing) or diaphragmatic breathing (also called belly breathing or balloon breathing) to increase oxygen intake and relax your body and mind.
  5. Balance your mental intake. There is a lot happening in the world. It is easy to feel like you need to be constantly connected in order to not miss out on what’s happening. While staying informed is helpful, be careful not to overwhelm yourself with information either. Take time to unplug and focus on things that are uplifting and/or soothing.
  6. Check in on yourself. Take time throughout your day to stop what you are doing to notice what is happening within and around you. Try to be curious and nonjudgmental with whatever shows up as you consider what you are feeling and what you might need at the moment.
  7. Use your supports. Now is the time to activate your support network if you haven’t already. Reach out to others to tell them how you are doing. Additionally, CAPS is always available to provide support, as are the other campus community members listed on this page.

Office of Residential Life

The Residential Life team in your residence community is here to assist you and the Office of Residential Life has staff on call 24/7 to assist when needed. Through daily check ins and virtual programs, our goal is to assist you with remaining connected to the campus community while you recover. Please don't hesitate to connect with us if you have questions. You can schedule a time to connect with your hall supervisor or RA through Navigate or contact our main office at (203) 932-7076.

View all planned residence hall programming and activities on Charger Connection.