Haptic Wrist Device

Undergraduate Project

Investigators:  Christopher Martinez, Assistant Professor
                          Christian Ruiz, B.S. in Computer Engineering
                          Matt Ciarletto, B.S. in Computer Science  

Funding:  Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2013

Project  Description:  Haptics is the physical feedback that computers can provide to users. The use of haptics can be as subtle as a click noise when a button is pressed on a touch screen to as intense as a strong vibration. The video-game industry has been using vibration as the primary source of haptics for the past decade to great success. In this research project, we are exploring how to use vibration haptics in areas outside of video-game consoles.  

The first use of haptics that we are exploring is in the creation of a wrist device that can be interfaced wirelessly with mobile devices. The research will examine placement on the wrist for motors, unique vibration patterns, and applications that can take advantage of a wrist haptic device.

There are many other potential haptic areas that could be explored in the future at both the undergraduate and graduate level.