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Zito, Christina (full)
Assistant Professor
Arts & Sciences
Biology & Environmental Science
Charger Plaza

    Research Interests

    •    Signaling pathways in cancer
    •    New therapeutic targets for rational drug design
    •    Signaling by protein tyrosine phosphatases


    Ph.D. Yale University, Pharmacology

    B.A. Mount Holyoke College, Biology

    Recently Published Articles

    Tworkoski K, Zito CI, Singahl G, Szpakowski S, Muthusamy V, Bacchiocchi A, Bosenberg M, Krauthammer M,  Halaban R, Stern DF. (2011) Phospho-proteomic screen identifies novel therapeutic targets in melanoma. Molecular Cancer Research 9: 801.

    Toy EP, Azodi M, Folk NL, Ivins CM, Zeiss CJ, Chambers SK. (2009) Enhanced ovarian cancer tumorigenesis and metastasis by the macrophage colony stimulating factor (CSF-1). Neoplasia 11(2): 136-144.

    Zito CI, Riches DR, Kolmakova J, Simons JF, Egholm M, Stern DR. (2008) Direct resequencing of the complete ERBB2 coding sequence reveals an absence of activating mutations in ERBB2 amplified breast cancer. Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 47 (7), 633-8.

    Zito CI, Qin H, Blenis J, Bennett AM. (2007) SHP-2 regulates cell growth by controlling the mTOR/S6 kinase 1 pathway.  J. Biol. Chem.  282(10): 6946- 6953.

    Uhlén P, Burch PM, Zito CI, Estrada M, Ehrlich BE, Bennett AM. (2006) Gain-of-function/Noonan syndrome SHP-2/Ptpn11 mutants enhance calcium oscillations and impair NFAT signaling. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 103(7): 2160-2165.

    Kolli S, Zito CI, Mossink MH, Wiemer EAC, Bennett AM.  (2004). The major vault protein is a novel substrate for the tyrosine phosphatase SHP-2 and scaffold protein in epidermal growth factor signaling. J Biol Chem 279(28):29374-85.

    Chambers SK, Ivins CM, Kacinski BM, Hochberg RB. (2004) An unexpected effect of glucocorticoids on stimulation of c-fms proto-oncogene expression in choriocarcinoma cells that express little glucocorticoid receptor. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 190(4):974-85.

    Kontaridis MI, Eminaga SE, Fornaro M, Zito CI, Sordella R, Settleman J, Bennett AM. (2004). SHP-2 positively regulates myogenesis by coupling to the Rho GTPase Signaling Pathway. Mol Cell Biol 24(12):5340-52.

    Ivins Zito C, Kontaridis MI, Fornaro M, Feng G, Bennett AM. (2004). SHP-2 regulates the phosphatidylinositide 3’-kinase/ akt pathway and suppresses caspase-3 mediated apoptosis. J Cell Physiol. 199(2):227-36.