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For nearly a century, the University of New Haven has equipped students with the practical skills and critical knowledge necessary for success in an array of professional pursuits. In turn, our graduates have become the business executives, engineers, scientists, teachers and public officials leading and supporting our communities.

As knowledge expands and these pursuits become more complex, a university’s approach to education must correspondingly change.   A new generation of technologically sophisticated students learn differently and require refashioned forms of teaching. They collaborate, find and share knowledge instantly, and fully immerse themselves in the educational process. They think globally and don’t recognize academic silos. They increasingly aim to apply what they learn to their chosen careers, even before graduating, by engaging in internships and research projects. Universities must facilitate this discovery-based learning and prepare students for success in today’s rapidly changing economic and technological landscape.

A national leader in experiential education, the University of New Haven is on the vanguard of this revolution. We seek to harness new advances in technology, reshape teaching and learning, and foster an educational environment where students benefit by creating, doing and achieving. We also will build upon our historical academic strengths in science, engineering and business—and, more recently, in security and public safety. We will enhance these programs and discover new ways of creating interdisciplinary connections and promoting strategic partnerships.

Our vision is to become one of the Northeast’s premier comprehensive universities offering a technologically advanced, experience-based, outcomes-focused education, one that produces graduates who will use their knowledge and skills to strengthen communities throughout our region, our nation and our world.