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Student Fellowships & Research

University of New Haven: Prestigious Grants and Fellowships

The Office of Student Fellowships and Research promotes a wide range of external financial awards for outstanding students.  Such awards may be used for study abroad, graduate school, independent research, public service, internships, or teaching experiences in the U.S. or abroad.

These awards may be funded by government grants or private foundations, and are generally quite competitive, although the profile of an ideal candidate varies depending on the award.  Some are more narrow and specialized within a disciplinary area, and others are much more holistic, seeking well-rounded individuals who can demonstrate talents and experiences well beyond college transcripts and letters of reference.

In addition to the benefits of a significant financial award, these grants and fellowships confer a number of tangible and intangible benefits, some of which are life-long.  The prestige associated with a major national or international fellowship can facilitate admission to top-tier graduate programs, jobs in government, opportunities for work abroad, and access to networks of senior experts.

In recent years, University of New Haven students have been successful in prestigious competitions, including the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships at the National Institute of Standards and Technologies at Gaithersburg, MD. 

This site offers information about the types of grants and fellowships that are available to UNH students, suggested strategies for competitive applicants, and details needed to begin the application process.

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    This page is related to fellowship and research opportunities for students at UNH.

    The UNH Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs facilitates scholarly activities by faculty and staff and promotes institutional grant-related activities.

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