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Honors Program Film Series #3

Starts On
4/10/2014 6:30 PM
Ends On
4/10/2014 9:30 PM

*****A word from Professor Davis about the film***** Sometimes an artist can do more effective social commentary with comedy than with drama, or as the song lyric goes: “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.” Our 3rd Honors Film Series offering this semester is the modern comedy classic, Office Space 1999, writer/director Mike Judge’s hilarious and trenchant send-up of the kinds of jobs --and lives-- many recent college grads find themselves working: the mind-numbing, dead-end routine of life in a cubicle, the plethora of rules and procedures, where triviality rules and “job security” is an oxymoron. Peter Gibbons (Rob Livingston--who looks and sounds like a twenty-something Kevin Spacey) and his friends Samir Nagheenanajar (sound it out) and Michael Bolton (yes, really) find themselves battling malevolent copy machines, drowning under reminder memos to fill out their TPS reports, and avoiding a boss who begins every sentence with the phrase, “If you could go ahead and...” as in “If you could go ahead and come in on Saturday that would be great, yeah.” One poor schlub, with glasses so thick his eyes appear three times normal size, has his desk moved four times, until he ends up in storage. Peter’s girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston), who works at a fast food restaurant nearby, is upbraided by her boss because she’s wearing only 15 pieces of “flair,” whereas coworker Brian has on 37 pieces. Imagine going to work each day in fear of losing a job that you hate anyway! But then Peter has a life-changing epiphany. Will the workers of the world --or at least the guys at Intertech-- unite? The film is clever and funny and filled with memorable, quirky characters recognizable to all those overeducated, under appreciated, fed up employees who hope for a stimulating job after college, only to find themselves instead merely occupying office space. -----The movie starts promptly at 6:30pm in Buckman 120. Pizza and drinks will be served, and I’ll go ahead and give a talk on the film and white collar comedy. Don’t forget to wear several pieces of flair!-----

Buckman Hall, B120