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Honors Thesis

In their senior year, students research and write an Honors Thesis on a topic in their major discipline under the guidance of a faculty member in the major department. The Honors Thesis is a substantial project that may be empirical, creative, critical, or analytical. It may also embody critical analysis of the results of experiments undertaken by the student. The Honors Thesis is a capstone experience that helps honors students focus their interests, gain perspective in their major field of study, develop basic scholarly skills, nurture their creativity, and synthesize their educational experiences to date.

Students can find the forms and guidelines for the Honors Thesis in the Student Resources section of this website.

2015-2016 Honors Thesis
Name Title of Thesis Thesis Advisor
Rebecca Andreucci Assessing the Vulnerability and Resiliency of Coastal Connecticut to Climate Change Can 'Jon' Aktas
Alyssa Berthiaume Analyzing Common Mutations of Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridylytransferase Deficiency Charles Vigue
Olivia Carl Perception of Mental Illness in Undergraduate Students Kento Yasuhara
Emily Carria Latin American Immigrants' Perceptions of U.S. Law Enforcement Tracy Tamborra
Ashley Dawson A Critical Analysis of the Effectiveness of Drone Strikes in the Middle East Kento Yasuhara
Kyle Dawson Ballistic Fingerprinting of Rifled and Smoothbore  BB Guns Tim Palmbach
Amanda DeLiberto DNA Methylation as a Possible Mechanism for Photosynthetic Temperature Acclimation in Chondrus crispus Amy Carlile
Valeria Diaz Anxiety Reduction Through Membership in Greek Life or a Sport's Team Alexandria Guzman
Lauren Ebersol Investigation on Ethanol-Mediated Inhibition of Transferrin Sialyltransferase Robert Powers
Selena Fermin Students' Perceptions of Campus Safety Measures at the University of New Haven Mirlinda Ndrecka
Matthew Fowler The Decline in the Value of Music in the 21st Century  Guillermo Mager
Anastasia Frace Evaluation of the Efficacy of Parasite Prevention Measures in Ruminants at the Leigh Valley Zoo Donna Rhoads-Frost
Evelyn Gaines DNA Degradation in Storage Environments at Different Temperatures Michael Adamowicz
Rachael Gilbert Experienced vs. Inexperienced Police Officer Views on the Use of Force Richard Spano
Ashley Guzman Does Folic Acid Supplementation Affect Menthylation Patterns in the EGFR Promoter Methylation in HPV Negative Cancer Cells? Christina Zito
Benjamin Hodge Detections of Mutations in the HFE Gene Causing Hemochromatosis Charles Vigue
Jacklyn Jones The Academic Effects of Parental Mental Illness on College Students Melissa Whitson
Ashlee Junier Individualization of APOE Genotypes Using Restriction Enzymes and Gel Electrophoresis Charles Vigue
Jenni Kantor Biofuel from Acorns Part 3: Charcoal Eddie Luzik
Haley Kern-Smith Public Perspective and Misconceptions of Sex Offenders Brian T. Smith
Laura Kircher The Prevalence of Strain in the Lives of College-Aged Students and Deviant College Behavior including Dishonesty and Alcohol Consumption Mirlinda Ndrecka
Brianna Kroon Evaluation of Microscopy and Vibrational Microspectroscopy for the Discrimination of Purple and Blue Nail Polishes Brooke Kammrath
Natasha Kuegler Analysis and Characterization of Drug Microcrystals Using Raman Microspectroscopy and Fourier Transform Infrared Microspectroscopy Brooke Kammrath
Kristen Lee Finding Ways for Students to Enjoy and Understand Shakespeare Meg Savilonis
Mengyan Liu Racism-Related Stress Attributed to Local Law Enforcement by Asian Students in East Coast American Universities Tracy Tamborra
Rebecca Long Law Enforcement Use of Body-Worn Cameras and the Effect on   Policing Daniel Maxwell
Christina Luca An Analysis of Homeless Support Programs Kento Yasuhara
Alyssa MacKinnon Impact of World War 2 on Business Production in America Brian Marks
Nicole Maddie Is Using the Fe2O3 nanoparticles to administer doxorubicin in breast cancer more effective at inducing cell death than the drug by itself? Christina Zito
Kaitlin Mahar From Rachel Green to Piper Chapman: Is the Dawn of Subscription Television Changing the Game for Women? Margaret Savilonis
Gaitlyn Malone The Effects of Developmental Habitat Complexity on the Hatching Rate and Expression of Aggression in Juvenile Zebrafish (Danio rerio) John Kelly
Jonathan Marshall An Analysis of the Effect of Income Inequality on Burglary Rates Jonathan Kringen
Reilley McGee The Use of Facebook to Promote Tourist Destinations: A Case of the Middle East Miranda Lee
Timothy Muyano The Effects of Clergy Sex Abuse Cases on the Implementation of Situational Prevention Policies in the Archdiocese of Hartford Marty O'Connor
Cheyenne Payette Justice Reinvestment Programs: Common Themes and Future Directions Mirlinda Ndrecka
Kyle Pickard Elemental Nature: Representing Nature Through Sound Meryl Sole
Joshua Pinder Application of Measurement System Analysis to Understand 3D Vision System Capabilities Nadiye Erdil
Jasmin Portelinha Material Inhibition of Salmonella enterica Using Cinnamaldehyde and Polystyrene Fibers Nancy Savage
Melanie Eldridge
Elissa Sanci The Representation of Overweight Women in Film and Television Margaret Savilonis
Matthew Seaman A Study of the Effect of pH on the Reaction Rate and Selectivity of the Catalytic Cracking of Polyethylene to Produce Crude Oil  Amanda Simpson
Alexandra Sharshakov The Effects of Crime Dramas on Choice of College Major Michael Clark
Stephen Shepherd Classification of International Black Ballpoint Ink Evidence via Non-Destructive and Destructive Forensic Instrumental Methods Virginia Maxwell
Glory Smith Correction or Subjection: The Effects of Incarceration on the Psyche Kendell Coker
Cheyenne Taylor Examining Student's Perception of Violent Offenders and Their Media Exposure Kento Yasuhara
Paul Taylor Analyzing the Seasonality of Criminal Activity in Small Locales Jonathan Kringen
Derek Troxler Molecular Analyzing and Efficiency Correcting of a Theoretical Drug Designed to Cause the HER2 Protein to Go Into Remission Dequan Xiao
Sarah Wadkins A History of Solitary Confinement and the Effects of Isolation on Adults Armory Carr
Daniel Waterman Terrorism's New Weapon: Hobby-Level Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as an Emerging Threat Kenneth Gray
Robin Willick Applying System Engineering Design Concepts to Guide the Development of a University Markerspace Maria-Isabel Carnasciali
Kyle Zawacki Signal Matching Using Cross Correlation James Marcus
Jessica Zielinski Green Infrastructure: A Life Cycle Cost and Performance Study for the U.S. Great Lakes Can 'Jon' Aktas