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Environmental Engineering

Coordinator: Agamemnon D. Koutsospyros, Ph.D., Polytechnic University, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

A nationally recognized leader in experiential education, the University of New Haven offers a 30-credit master's degree program in environmental engineering which seamlessly bridges theory with hands-on application that allows graduates to be not only productive, but leaders in their chosen industry.

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With challenging, professionally-oriented courses in classroom settings, students quickly develop the skills necessary to provide ground breaking solutions to complex environmental problems through an interdisciplinary study of environmental protection issues, water quality and purification, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, site remediation, and emission control measures.

Small classroom sizes equipped with state-of-the-art technology provides graduates with a uniquely personable learning experience while a required project facilitates in-depth exploration of contemporary environmental issues that challenge our ever-changing world.

A fully online master’s program in environmental engineering with highly interactive learning modules will be available starting in Fall 2014.

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