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Program Curriculum

Sample Courses
Achieving Optimal Operations  Financial Management/Engineering Applications
Applied Marketing for Engineers and Operations Managers Organizational Change and Development
Applied Statistics for Quality and Engineering Management  Simulation Techniques and Applications 
Concepts of Engineering and Quality Management Supply Chain Management  

MSEOM Program Courses and Structure

Basic Courses

EM 604 Concepts of Engineering & Quality Management
EM 607 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
EM 609 Applied Statistics for Quality & Engineering Management
EM 630 Project Management
EM 641 Supply Chain Management
FI 603 Financial Management with Engineering Applications
EM 673 Special Topics in Engineering Management

Total Credits for basic courses: 20 

Focused Courses

EM 613 Organizational Change & Development
EM 615 Applied Marketing for Engineers & Operations Managers
EM 627 Value Engineering & Design or EM 628 Six Sigma Quality Planning
EM 639 Achieving Optimal Operations
EM 681 Simulation Techniques & Application
EM 690 Research Project

Total Credits for focused courses: 16

Note: For the most up-to-date course descriptions, please visit our online graduate catalog