Civil Engineering, M.S. Faculty & Staff

Program Coordinator


Byungik Chang, Ph.D., P.E., MBA

Associate Professor
Chair, Civil Engineering

19 Ruden Street 101D
(203) 479-4234

Program Faculty


Emese Hadnagy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering

19 Ruden Street, 102
(203) 932-1232


Agamemnon Koutsospyros, Ph.D.

Professor, Environmental Engineering
Graduate Coordinator, Environmental Engineering

An expert in sustainability and environmental awareness, Dr. Koutsospyros’ most recent research found that starfish – an invasive marine species – can be used to remove heavy metals in contaminated soil.

(203) 932-7398


Jean Nocito-Gobel, Ph.D.

Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

An expert in environmental engineering, Dr. Nocito-Gobel is the adviser to the University’s Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, which works to provide sustainable drinking water in developing countries.

Celentano Hall Office 116
(203) 932-7155

Goli Nossoni

Goli Nossoni, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Graduate Coordinator, Civil Engineering

Celentano Hall Office 116B
(203) 479-4173