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Team-Based Engineering And Manufacturing (TEAM) 2016


Networked Summer Camp, Led by Georgia Tech and sponsored by Sikorsky

 July 18th - July 29th (2 Week Day Program)

The TEAM Summer Camp sponsored by Sikorsky will introduce high school students to authentic engineering practices. Students participating at various locations will collaborate on engineering projects using the Co-Create, Design, Build, and Operate (CDBO) methodology.

During the two-week program students will learn to use CATIA v6, the 3D design software used by Sikorsky, Boeing, Airbus, Ford, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and other industries involved in the design and manufacture of complex systems. In the second week students will work collaboratively on challenge projects, testing, validating, and refining their designs, mimicking the collaborative engineering process used by today’s global workforce.

Upon completion of final designs, student groups will use additive manufacturing- rapid prototyping technologies to create physical models for further testing and performance validation.

Participating students will interact with faculty, researchers, and undergraduate students from UNH, Georgia Tech and Sikorsky.


Participants will receive:

  • A one year license to CATIA® software from Dassault Systemes.
  • Tour Sikorsky's manufacturing and assembly operations in Stamford, CT.
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  1. Attention STEM Teachers

    Stipends Available for YOU to Participate in the Program. View Application
  2. Director

    Prof. Maria-Isabel Carnasciali
    Phone: 203-932-7159
    E-mail: TeamProgram@