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Engineering and Science Summer Experience

August 4th - 8th

Calling all future Engineers!!

The Summer Experience is a week long engineering and science academy offered by the Tagliatela College of Engineering. Participants in the program discover the excitement of working on engineering and science projects in a University Environment. UNH faculty and staff lead a variety of activities with specific focus on:

Computer Science: Discover how to write your own computer software! Make your own version of well-known video games and write the code for your own app. Participants will learn how to use free tools so they can continue the projects after the program.

Aeronautics: Learn how airplanes fly! Spend a week investigating the shapes of wings and airfoils and how different designs affect the way they fly. Participants will design, build and test their own airplane models to see which fly farther, faster and for the longest time.

Plus more hands on exploration in:

  • Forensic Science
  • Alternative Energy
  • Mathematics
  • Photomodeling
  • Chemistry

Participants will have an opportunity to learn about careers in engineering through these hands-on activities and many more.

UNH faculty and staff supervise all classroom and project work. They have outstanding backgrounds in many different areas of engineering, technology, and science, combined with a genuine interest in working with young people who show an aptitude from science, math, engineering, and technology.


  1. Eligibility

    Participants must be entering 8th - 10th grade and should have an interest in technology, the sciences, or engineering.
  2. Cost of Attendance

    The cost of the program is $500.00 per student. It covers instruction, supplies, lunch and a T-shirt.
  3. Schedule

    Academy will be held Monday - Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.