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Roy, Subroto (full)
Subroto Roy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

With a wealth of global business experience to draw on, Dr. Roy is more than a teacher. He's an actual competitive advantage for his students.

"I don't deliver information, as I can't compete with Google! My method is more on the lines of, how do you make sense of information for business decisions? I have my students work on projects where they must apply what they've learned. This way they have something to show as a result of their work. That counts enormously on job interviews."

An Associate Profesor in Management, Marketing and Quantitative Analysis Department, Dr. Roy's managerial career included twelve years as Head of Sales and Marketing for the Indian Joint Venture of Tetra Pak Sweden, and the National Dairy Development Board of India. As an expert on Innovation, B2B Marketing and Supply Chains, he then taught, researched and consulted in Sydney and Singapore. 

Dr. Roy is also the founder of Stratoserve LLC, a venue that expands his teaching and consulting reach, and explores how global events impact the business world.