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School of Public Service Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Public Service is to prepare students for enriching careers and engaged participation in society through a combination of professional education and engaging opportunities to explore and develop a passion for public service.  The School of Public Service builds on the Henry C. Lee College’s application of Student Centered Professional Practice Based Learning by providing special internship and service learning opportunities for students interested in public service. 

The spirit of our school is based on the recognition that one of the most rewarding paths to a fulfilling and meaningful life is found in service.  Through participation in public service we help build stronger communities, but we also enrich our own lives by building a stronger and more resilient character.  The goal of our school is to provide every student with a high quality professional education, and to help each student develop the personal strength and character capable of sustaining life-long learning and personal growth. 

 The experienced and knowledgeable faculty within the School of Public Service draw on both strong academic training and years of experience in their respective fields to provide engaging classes, meaningful internships and fellowships experiences.  Our faculty strive to use our engaged learning philosophy to help students see the connection between the classroom and their careers.