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Career Placement for Legal Studies

Careers as paralegals or in law-related fields continue to be among the growing areas of employment. Government, business, industry, labor, and even the courts themselves are turning to alternate dispute resolution programs such as mediation to resolve disputes, providing career opportunities for graduates skilled in dispute resolution and conflict management. Graduates knowledgeable in regulatory compliance can exploit growth opportunities provided in international business, securities, and banking. The legal studies program prepares UNH graduates to take full advantage of these exciting and growing career opportunities. 

Graduate School

The program combines a rich background in the liberal arts and humanities, as well as in legal and public policy theory with legal, public affairs, and dispute resolution courses. This interdisciplinary approach develops critical thinking and writing that prepares bachelor's degree students for both careers and graduate study or law school.

  1. Blaze Your Path

    Our Career Development Center offers full career development services to help our students, as well as our alumni, learn how to effectively manage and develop their careers.