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Henry C. Lee College Minors

Why a minor is a good idea.

With all of the requirements involved in your major program, why add to the list with a minor, you ask?  Good question, and it has an equally good answer.

A minor — an additional interest — adds dimension to your education.  It also opens up career possibilities that your major alone may not.  While your major determines the general field in which you’ll forge a career, a minor can help shape your career path within that field.

Not to be overlooked: A minor on your resume can give you an edge over someone equally qualified in your major.  It can tip the scales in your favor, telling potential employers you are a well-rounded person and that you do more than the minimum required of you.

Criminal Justice     

The criminal justice minor program consists of 18 credits. The program is psychology-based, endowing the student with a keen grasp of crime-solving, public-safety issues, and the mindset behind them. (Click here to view the Criminal Justice minor in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Fire Science

Students wishing to minor in fire science should contact the Chair of the program. A minimum of 19 credits is required. The courses listed below are required unless a substitution is approved by the Chair of fire science. (Click here to view the Fire Science minor in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Legal Studies

Students may minor in legal studies by successfully completing LS 100 Introduction to Legal Concepts plus five additional legal studies courses. A minor in legal studies does not prepare students to become paralegals, unless the requirements for a Paralegal Certificate are satisfied. (Click here to view the Legal Studies minor in the UNH Academic Catalog)