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It is not easy to decide upon a career. Sometimes the more we know about a topic the less appealing it looks. Also, many careers appear more ominous than they really are, simply because the years of education seem excessive. Friends and family may not understand, nor agree! 'What if I make a mistake' and 'I'm the first one in my family to become one!!!' These were familiar unbidden thoughts for many of us when we were young. Just ignore them. Most of us would go nowhere if we listened to these fears.

Keep reading anything you can get your hands on and talk to people you respect. Talk to real people 'on the job' and shoot high. Too many good people end up unhappy later in life because they felt unworthy to go after what they really wanted. Make a list of everything you love to do. Keep adding to the list over several weeks or months. After a while you will notice a pattern developing. Keep looking at your list (with your third eye). After a while, ask yourself "How can I get paid to do this ?"

It really works if you do!

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