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Parking Information for Students

As our student population increases, and our campus grows, we are facing more challenges in terms of parking. In order to better serve our students, over 200 faculty and staff will be parking off campus daily, Monday through Thursday, to create more available parking on the main campus. The University continues to explore other short and long term parking options.

The parking permit MUST be permanently affixed inside the glass on the lower corner of the front windshield on the passenger side.  The UNH parking software interfaces with other UNH data bases and will automatically determine whether an applicant is eligible for a parking permit, as determined by the number of credits required.  The software will also track the issuance of parking tickets, tow warnings and the towing of vehicles.  Students who have properly registered a vehicle will receive an automatically generated e-mail notifying them of a ticket, tow warning and a tow.

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Eligibility and Lot Assignments

Resident freshmen may not obtain parking permits. 

A minimum of 27 credits is required for sophomore status and a minimum of 57 credits is required for upper-class status.  Resident sophomores will be restricted to the North Campus lot (P25), resident upperclassmen will park on the main campus in designated lots, with overflow going to the North Campus lot (P25). Please refer to the Parking Regulations for Resident Student lots. 

Residents of Forest Hills are restricted  to parking at that complex. Those sophomores residing at Forest Hills who did not receive parking privileges at Forest Hills will be restricted to the North Campus lot (P25) for parking.  Residents of Forest Hills, Savin Court,  and Main St. Condominiums are not permitted to bring their vehicle to the main campus . All commuter students are eligible for parking permits. There is no charge for the first commuter permit.  There is a charge of $200 for any subsequent commuter permit.  Commuting students may park in any designated Green lots,except those designated for on campus resident upperclassmen (Red Lots on the map) or any Reserved or Faculty spaces.  Commuters may also use the Wade Street(P24), Pruden Street(P9), Campbell Avenue(P28), Echlin Hall (P22) and Charger Plaza(P35)  parking areas. Please see the parking map for further details.

All on-campus resident students, and resident students residing at Forest Hills, will be charged a $200 parking fee.  This fee is payable only by credit card and must be paid at the time of registration.  This fee can not be charged to a student's account.

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Obtaining a Permit

Once registered, those eligible for a parking permit must apply through the parking registration site where all personal and vehicle data will be entered by the applicant. The applicant must then bring his/her driver's license, vehicle registration certificate and UNH ID card to the UNH Police Department (or other designated location) to pick up the permit.

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Displaying Your Permit 

The permit must then be permanently affixed to the lower corner of the front windshield on the passenger side of the vehicle, on the inside of the glass. 

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Permit Fees  

A parking fee of $200 will be charged to all resident students on the main campus and at Forest Hills.    Requests to register  a second vehicle will result in an additional $200 fee.  There is also a replacement fee for lost permits.  Please refer to the  UNH Parking Regulations for additional information.

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Rules & Regulations

By applying for a UNH parking permit, the student is agreeing to abide by all UNH rules and regulations pertaining to parking and the operation of the permitted vehicle.

The Allingtown Fire Marshal has directed that the University keep the fire lanes and walkways open at all times.  Violators parked in these areas will be immediately towed at their expense.  Additionally, the UNH Police will strictly enforce all new parking policies.  Any vehicle receiving more than three parking tickets during the academic year will automatically be ticketed and towed for every subsequent violation.