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Lambda Alpha Upsilon

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Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. is a brotherhood of professional men working to promote the development of the Latino community throughout colleges and neighborhoods across the nation. The Hermanos of Lambda Alpha Upsilon are committed to uniting the community by working with other groups to promote cultural awareness and understanding. We sponsor programs that celebrate the richness of our heritage. The brotherhood serves as a support system to assist its members in realizing their personal and professional goals and empowers the Latino community by establishing a network of professionals. The Hermanos of Lambda Alpha Upsilon strive to become positive and productive role models within their universities, communities and professions.

Although Lambda Alpha Upsilon is a Latino-oriented fraternity, membership is not limited to students of Latino descent. The brotherhood enjoys and welcomes a vast and diverse group of individuals representing many ethnic backgrounds. It uses this diversity to learn from its members and preserve its strong fraternal bond. Lambda Alpha Upsilon is constantly looking for bright, energetic and professional men who hold the same vision and are willing to grow with us; both as members of existing chapters or as founding Hermanos of new chapters.

Understanding the principles, upon which we were founded, helps us work toward a brighter future. If you share our vision and would like further information about our fraternity, how to become a member, or how to establish an undergraduate chapter at your academic institution please contact our National Director of Collegiate Affairs or our National Director of Expansion.