Sheffield Hall

Sheffield Hall is an upperclassman hall featuring large-scale apartment-style living. The apartments vary from 2-6 students, and have 1-3 bedrooms, and 1-2 bathrooms. There is a partial kitchen (fridge, but no stove).
  • There are four resident assistants (RA) and one Community Director (CD) living in the building.
  • Each bedroom consists of a bed, dresser, desk, and a chair per resident.
  • Each living room has a sofa, table, chairs, telephone line and basic cable.
  • There is a common room in the basement that has central air with a pool table. There is also a TV in the lobby.
  • Campus Convenience Store (C-Store) and Health Services Office located on 1st level.
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting.

Experience Sheffield Hall

Tyler Cashman

Tyler Cashman '18

Talks About Living in Sheffield Hall

“I love living in Sheffield Hall! The only thing you don’t have in the room is a stove, and you don’t even need it! The setup is extremely spacious and roomy. It was great being so close to the C-Store (campus convenience store) and the Quad.

The location of the building is very convenient to everything on campus. Also, there are so many rooms that there are always new people to meet in the halls. It was just a great experience — I like it so much that I even plan to live there again next year!”

Photos of Sheffield Hall

A living room area inside of Sheffield Hall


View of a bedroom inside of Sheffield Hall


Front view of Sheffield Hall