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Sex Offender Registration Information

Connecticut General Statutes 54-250 through 54-261 mandate that the Connecticut Department of Public Safety establish and maintain a central registry of persons who have been convicted of certain sexual offenses and are required to register under law.

Persons who have been arrested or accused of a sex offense listed in C.G.S. 54-250 through 54-261 are not required to register unless the accusation results in a conviction or a finding of not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. This list contains only offenders who have been convicted or found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.

The Connecticut Sex Offender Registry can be accessed at the following website:

For further information on any subjects listed on the registry, Connecticut General Statute 29-11 authorizes the Department of Public Safety to release to any person a state criminal conviction record for a fee of $25.00. For more information contact the Department of Public Safety, State Bureau of Identification (SPBI) at 860.685.8480.

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, effective 10/28/02, requires states to notify recognized campus law enforcement agencies concerning the enrollment or employment of registered sex offenders at an institution of higher education. This requirement includes full- or part-time students and full- or part-time employees. Any such information communicated by the Connecticut Department of Public Safety to the University of New Haven Police Department would be made available to the public at the UNH Police Department.