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Seton Gallery

University of New Haven Seton Art Gallery

Opening: Dec. 4, 4-8 pm• through Dec. 23, 2014 

Ann Hirsch | David Livingston | Phil Lique | Casey McGonagle | Bayne Peterson | Janet Shih

| curated by Selby Nimrod

The internet has immutably altered the methods and speed with which we communicate with one another and receive information about our world; it has also incited profound changes to the manner in which we perceive and construct our own identities. Post-Net. Pre-Cyborg? coalesces work from a diverse group of artists, each in dialogue with a theme central to this moment in time: life post-internet.

A series of YouTube vlog format videos by Ann Hirsch interrogate performances of self and sexuality in the digital age. David Livingston’s video documentation of a performance at a cat shelter unpacks the voyeuristic qualities present in the internet’s collective fascination with “cute” animals. A sequence of GIFs by Phil Lique, which simultaneously [and self-consciously] allude to, liquify, and reconstitute pop-cultural iconography, and advertisements  are in dialogue with a mixed media installation that draws on similar imagery. Casey McGonagle’s video works lay bare the selfie through a near-banal exaggeration of the trope, while providing a droll critique of the ease with which personal [private?] moments in the life of an individual or family are disseminated to an audience of “friends” and the online public through social media shares. Sculptures by Bayne Peterson explore hybridity and memesis through digital mediation processes, and, in doing so, imply the posthuman. And Janet Shih's re-appropriations of commissioned selfie portraits focus on interpersonal interactions facilitated by internet communities such as Tumblr and deviantART, while navigating the politics surrounding the ownership and distribution of those images.

The work exhibited in Post-Net. Pre-Cyborg? asks as many questions of the post-internet age as it is of its age—exposing and meditating on the increasingly permeable barriers between networks, technology objects, and the self–questioning the identities we construct and who we are becoming.

  1. Contact and Visit

    The gallery is open while school is in session. As the gallery is staffed by students with demanding schedules, we strongly advise visitors traveling from a distance to call before visiting.  

    Phone: 203.931.6068


    Parking on the University of New Haven campus can be difficult. Our visitors often have better luck parking on Campbell Ave. There is a concrete staircase leading from Campbell Ave into Dodds Hall, and the gallery is right at the top of the stairs on the second floor.

    If arriving from the UNH main entrance off Boston Post Road, take the first left hand turn. Available parking can be found in front of Maxcy Hall. You may also follow the road around to parking near Bartels Hall Student Center. Click here for directions to the main campus.

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  3. APPLY

     Artists: If you would like to apply to be included in a group or solo exhibition at Seton or to be included in our campus collection, send your artist statement, proposal, bio, and CV with a web link to your website or blog.

    Curators: If you have an exhibition concept for a solo or group exhibit, please include a cover letter, proposal, CV or resume, and list of artists. 

    Send all materials via email to the Director, Laura Marsh:

    Note: Please do not call about your submission.  Seton operates a year ahead, and preferences are given to group shows.  Seton is staffed by the Director and a small team of student interns, and we are always looking for artists and curators.  We look forward to hearing from you!