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Current Exhibition

Hanlyn Davies has titled his current exhibition Lullaby Lament. It’s a phrase plucked from the sinister title of his large painting, alphaomegalullabylament (The Cuckoo, Crows, and the Vein of Lice), a piece that references scenes from the artist’s family home in Wales. Davies recalls clearing out his parent’s house after they’d passed on and being confronted by crows staring back at him in the interior. The crows had tumbled down the chimney and flown from the mouth of the fireplace, creating havoc in the parlor.

By choosing to recreate this arresting scene, the artist reflects on a series of objects and tall tales that represent the cycle of life and the passage of time. Alpha and omega are the first and last letters in the Classical Greek alphabet, signifying the beginning and end. When used in tandem in Christianity, Alpha and Omega refer to the origins of Christ or God in the book of Revelation. The cuckoo is considered a brood parasite, a bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. The crow represents death and scavenging, and the vein of lice refers to the insect’s parasitic trajectory from one host to another. Civil war stories compare catching louse to contracting the disease of the dead. While the subject matter in Davies’s work is dark, it is also self-referential and playful.

“When clearing my childhood home, objects became triggers for memory,” says Davies. “Objects that might have appeared frozen in a particular time became lively and active ingredients in the present.” Davies investigates a set of characters that can be rearranged to retell his story from new perspectives.

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