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Commitment to the Teaching Profession – Awarded to Kareem Cutler

May 13, 2014 By Nancy Niemi

Commitment to the Teaching Profession – Awarded to Kareem Cutler

Awarded to a student, enrolled in any graduate Education program, who exemplifies professionalism, collaboration, and leadership through sustained attention to personal growth, and through passionate commitment to students and their families.

"Receiving the Commitment to the Teaching Profession award was a great honor. I would like to express sincere gratitude to the Graduate Education department at the University of New Haven, all the great professors who demonstrated how passionate they felt about me, as well as, their profession, and lastly to the committee who agreed to bless me with this award.  Pat Marino’s preamble speech describes how I persevered through various adversities before making it to college. I was raised in the inner city of Boston, Massachusetts with insufficient opportunities to become the man I am today. I have witnessed passionate teachers dedicate their lives to make sure a child such as myself succeeds pass his or her limitations. Now, I believe it is my opportunity to show inner city students it is possible to prevail through the hardship. I am committed to being a positive role model and through my passion for teaching; I plan to support, care, encourage, and enhance students’ lives one child at a time." – Kareem Cutler

Kareem Cutler is presently completing his last trimester as a secondary mathematics candidate in the Education Department teacher preparation program.  Kareem began our program after earning his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics degree at the University of New Haven. This young man’s educational journey has not always been an easy one, whether by choice or circumstance.  Yet he committed early on to a teaching career that would allow him to share his passion for his content, his concern for young people, and his desire to improve the urban community of which he is a product.

During his graduate program Kareem has continued to communicate his commitment to the profession and demonstrate his belief that education can make a difference in the lives of young people and their communities.  He uses his charismatic personality and positive attitude in his work with students at his internship school, the Metropolitan Business Academy, a New Haven magnet high school that serves an urban population not that dissimilar to the one in which Kareem grew up.  When he comes to class, he often shares intern experiences, always presenting his students in a positive light while recognizing their struggles.

Kareem consistently displays such a passionate enthusiasm for teaching and young people, demonstrates a strong ability to relate to students in an urban environment, and shows a resourceful aptitude for making mathematics relevant to his students, the Education Department unanimously selected Kareem Cutler as the recipient of the First Annual Education Department Award for Commitment to Teaching.  The Education Department believes that Kareem Cutler will make a difference in the lives of his future students and supports him in this goal.