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Dental Hygiene Faculty & Resources

We hear it time and again: Graduates of our dental hygiene programs who have forged successful careers in the field say their road to success began with the instructors here. We take great pride in both our students and our faculty, and so we have assembled what, we believe, is the cream of dental hygiene instructors.

You will learn from professors who:

  • Are innovative. Our instructors are known for pioneering new techniques in teaching and fostering clinical skill development.
  • Have practiced extensively as dental hygienists and possess expertise in their chosen specialty fields.
  • Bring real-world knowledge into the classroom, keeping their students abreast of the latest technology and current trends in treatment.
  • Share what no textbook can fully convey — what clinical practice is actually like on a day-to-day basis. Students enter the field with realistic expectations and a sense of professionalism from the first day on the job. 

Well respected outside of the University, our faculty members have lectured nationally at the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, Connecticut Dental Hygienists’ Association, and the Dental Hygiene National Honor society and are published authors in the country’s top professional journals. 

Finally, our instructors take their students’ welfare and future seriously to heart — which is why they devote an extraordinary amount of time advising, mentoring, and encouraging their students, both inside and outside of the classroom. The 5-to-1 ratio of students to faculty is what makes that extra attention something you can count on.

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