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Message from the Sigma Tau Delta Officers

     Sigma Tau Delta is a place for students in English studies to bond over their passion for literature and writing. Members are driven, devoted students who work diligently to promote literacy, community service, campus involvement, and leadership. In our first year as an organization, we planned a number of events and initiatives including a campus book-drive to benefit not-for-profit literacy partners, a lecture-movie night, and a World Book Night event. Not only did these activities benefit the community, they integrated our chapter into campus life.

Sigma Tau Delta officers
       The task of bringing awareness to the aims and initiatives of our organization was, however, far from easy. As officers, we were given the challenge of building from the ground up. The chapter membership was small in the first year, with few non-graduating students eligible for induction. We accepted the fact that we were a tiny group, and worked extra hard to make our hopes for the society become a reality. In the end, we accomplished more than we could have ever dreamed of.
       We are now in our second full year as an established chapter. In just a few months, we have made a great effort in growing Sigma Tau Delta even further. We are recognized by the Office of Student Activities, and are a Blue-Status club in the Undergraduate Student Government Association. We’ve also held a bake sale fundraiser, designed chapter t-shirts, and co-sponsored a Jeopardy! event with The Elm City Review, the campus literary magazine.
       It’s fair to say that this chapter has come a long way, but we couldn’t have done it without each other. We are a team. Our goal has been to create a community for students within the English Department, and we have certainly succeeded. While the four of us are graduating in the spring, and will be moving on to the next phase in our education, we hope to leave behind something special for future members. When we were all freshmen, we were a disjointed group of people. English majors and minors came and went, and if we were lucky, some of the same faces would show up in our classes each semester. This trend has changed with the founding of Sigma Tau Delta at the University of New Haven. We now have a place to call home. A place that, with the support of an excellent, irreplaceable faculty, will live on long after we leave here.